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See you in the new year!

We are coming to the end of what has been a monumental year here on the Sunshine Coast. As we are in the process of wrapping up for the year we wanted to look back on the last twelve months, and finally gaze forward into the new year.

New LJ Projects Studio!

Our most exciting piece of news this year would have to be our brand new space in Nambour. Nestled in behind local businesses of the town centre we have been able to create our own little space for creativity and new ideas! This was a momentous event for us that really shifted the company and how we operate.

Poetical Inhabitants

Our brand new work was able to find its legs in different ways during the year that was 2021. We were able to have two wonderful developments to create and realise this production that has now made its way into the world. Unfortunately due to the current COVID climate we were not able to premier the show as part of Horizon Festival. Never fear, we will be back soon!


During our time in the studio this year we were lucky enough to receive support from Sunshine Coast Council to create a dance residency in May for artists. We were able to provide two weeks of studio space and $10000 for development. The wonderful artist to receive this was Lisa Wilson, a Brisbane based artist. It was wonderful to have her in the studio working with local artists Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed.

Teachers Professional Development

In October we hosted a weekend for dance educators around the region, to meet and take workshops with industry professionals in dance. What a response we received! We had four fantastic artists share their practice with teachers from all over South East QLD. Our artists were LJ Projects Melissa Lanham, Sammie Williams, Courtney Scheu, and Jo Cork who we worked with from the UK via Zoom.

Channelled Impulse Residency

Our final project for the year was a new pilot program for the Sunshine Coast. In partnership with DANCE.HERE.NOW we invited two choreographers into both our studio and 2nd Space to create and develop new work. This year's artists were Fiona Jopp and Sophie Evenden-Murchie. We thank them for getting involved in such a new project and providing the foundation for what we hope will continue on.

Looking into 2022

Poetical Inhabitants

Our first project straight away in January is a continued development and showing of Poetical Inhabitants. Keep an eye out for further information if you would like to see this work.

Youth Dance Project

We are so insanely excited to bring back our major youth work that has been on hold for the last two years. The new work brings together schools from all over QLD together to perform one fully realised production for public audiences. This project is very close to our hearts, and we believe working with emerging dancers and artists is a wonderful platform to meet and share practice. If you would love some more information about 2022’s Youth Dance Project please either take a look at our website or email us at

Our continued projects

Additionally we hope to bring back all of our precious new initiatives from this year into the new year. These include:

Paid Residency

Choreographic platform

Teacher Professional Development

Channelled Impulse Residency

There are also be new works in the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you!

We would like to thank our exceptional collaborators and supporters for working with us throughout this year. It has really been an outstanding experience for us.

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