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Poetical Inhabitants

Poetical Inhabitants is an innovative dance-theatre work that invites you to consider what makes a house a home. Is it the people living there? Or the echoes of those who have lived there before you, seeped into the walls and never forgotten? In an exciting collision of dance and architecture, the skeleton of a house is placed within a rainforest under the night sky and within, dancers reveal the story of a couple, their relationship and the memories embedded within their house.

Choreographer Melissa Lanham (LJ Projects) collaborates with architect Samantha Taylor (Project Fort Awesome) to construct a dwelling within a dwelling, inviting reflection on your perception of ‘home’ and the stories held within.



Choreographer: Melissa Lanham 

Architect: Samantha Taylor (Project Fort Awesome)

Performers and Collaborators: Mia Hollingworth, Phil Blackman

Lighting Designer: Travis Macfarlane

Set Build: Ben Adams

Photographer: Cooper Brady Photography

Contributing Dancers: Courtney Scheu, Erin O'Rourke

Producer: Chloe Keating


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