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Poetical Inhabitants

What are the stories and relationships that redefined our sense of place and home this

year??? What were the impacts within our family context? Perhaps, even the smallest things that were taken for granted became pivotal to our existence. Poetical Inhabitants is an ode to a remarkable time in history.

The connection and sense of place and home is pivotal to this work and where we live.

The narrative is driven by our geographical location and by seeing these stories and relationships ‘painted’ onto the Sunshine Coasts' backdrop through live performance, it becomes a celebration of home.

Poetical Inhabitants will construct memory and stories from space. Rather than placing movement

dialogue within a real home, this collaboration will see an architect/visual artist and a choreographer come together to create a dwelling within a dwelling. Rooms will be constructed of everyday materials to form the skeleton of a house. In this manner, our 'home' is re-integrated into the story rather than seeing the furniture and objects become a backdrop to the narrative.

Our three-dimensional spatial construction will give the viewing audience the opportunity to also create 'the world within' in their own minds via film and live performance. As our world is being redefined as we speak, it is hoped that this work will peak of what we all collectively have experienced.



Choreographer: Melissa Lanham 

Architect: Samantha Taylor (Project Fort Awesome)

Performers and Collaborators: Mia Hollingworth, Phil Blackman

Lighting Designer: Travis Macfarlane

Photographer: Travis Macfarlane

Contributing Dancers: Courtney Scheu, Erin O'Rourke


Horizon Festival 2021

Poetical Inhabitants is set to premiere as a part of Horizon Festival's Homgrown program


September 3rd, 4th, 5th 

Montessori International College 

880 Maroochydore Rd, Forest Glen (Kabi Kabi Country)