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Vincent is the premiere work of LJ Projects


'The National Gallery in London holds a painting of Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. This was the first painting that I have always gravitated too. Looking at the painting in real life is a sight to behold. Van Gogh leaves the edges sparse and raw so that you see the underlying canvas, colours and brush strokes thick with paint. The painting moves you inwards, from the rough warn edges to the thick, swirling centre. Looking at his work up close is quite an emotional experience and forces you to see this man’s life in its reality – it was then that I knew his life was a project I wanted to create through dance.' Melissa Lanham- Artistic Director


In 2015 Melissa received a RADF Grant to begin the concept development of ‘Vincent’ with the exploration of the artists life.  After gaining positive industry feedback, LJ Projects moved to second stage development focusing on fleshing out of the work choreographically and technically.  The work was noticed by the Van Gogh Federation and received a positive notice to tour into Amsterdam. Vincent now had a solid structure and we were able to move to the final stage where Vincent Premiered at Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2016 to rave reviews by reviewers and audiences alike and the Fringe Best Dance Award.  


Vincent then toured to Newcastle, Melbourne and to Horizon Arts Festival (Sunshine Coast) to similar stellar Reviews.


During 2017, LJ Projects created an Education Package written for the Australian Curriculum and Extensive Youth Dance Projects were instigated around this work. 

The Team 

Artistic Director/Choreographer

Melissa Lanham


Sean Tinnion 


Lighting Designers

Travis Macfarlance, Phil lethlean

Set Design

Daniel Ampuero 



Courtney Scheu, Charles Ball, Michael Smith, Phil Blackman, Chloe Lanham,

Tobiah Booth-Remmers

Makeup Design 

Melanie Jeffers

Previous shows 

2014           Lind Lane Sunshine Coast season run 

2016           Australian Tour/Adelaide Fringe

2017           Horizon Festival run 

"This is dance theatre of the first order and should

not be missed."

Adelaide Theatre Guide- 5 Stars