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According to Jungian psychology there are 7 feminine archetypes that prevail in contemporary society today – the mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the wise woman, sage and the lover. The presence of these archetypes account for the major differences among women.  
Award winning milliner and designer Melanie Jeffers in collaboration with choreographer Melissa Lanham present Femininus (Latin for feminine); a unique and hybrid exhibition of the seven archetypes of the feminine form. The project will feature three main components; an opening night with a performance, exhibition and workshops. 

The Exhibition was featured as a part of Horizon festival in 2018.

Design- Melanie Jeffers (Madame Melanie) 

Movement- Melissa Lanham (LJProjects) 

Make-up- Kylie Sutton 

Catering- Jodie Keating

Seven Archetypes- 

The Queen- Chloe Lanham
The Wise Woman- Helene Dyke
The Huntress- Madison Lanham 
The Sage- Jess Inder 
The Maiden- Jacinta Emms 
The Lover- Emjay Sanderson 
The Goddess- Carlie Wacker