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What is it we are most afraid of? To experience pain or the knowledge it will inevitably come again? 

Endless finds a single woman in the centre of her own personal battle. Wading her way through the minefield that is her own personal hell, she meets each stage of the journey with apprehension, denial, guilt, frustration and finally defeat. All this experienced in the claustrophobic space created from her own doing. Will the struggle end? Or is this simply one single moment lost in the casam of infinite moments? 

Endless first began as a live full length performance set within an old jail house premiered in May 2020. The production has now been reworked as a short screendance film exploring the effects of anxiety on an individual in society today. It is set for international release for film festival touring in 2023. 

Director: Isaac McInnes 

Choreogrpher/Performer: Chloe Keating

Cinematographer: Alex Tynan and Shaun Lucas 

Sound Design: William Smith 

Screendance Mentor: Jo Cork 

Producer: LJ Projects 

Editor: Isaac McInnes


With special thanks to - 

Nambour State College

Lynley and Greg 


LJ Projects Studio

Melissa Lanham 

Funded through ArtsCoast as part of Sunshine Coast Council’s RADF program.

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland Government to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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