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Poetical Inhabitants is back!

Poetical Inhabitants is back!

New Immersive Visual-Theatre Experience!

Witness this innovative live dance-theatre production, Poetical Inhabitants, taking place in a LIFE-SIZED HOUSE INSTALLATION inside our theatre!

In an EXCITING COLLISION OF DANCE AND ARCHITECTURE, an eerily beautiful skeleton of a house is placed inside the theatre and within, two talented dancers reveal the story of a couple, their relationship, and the echoes of the houses’ past identities.

This stunning production invites you to consider what makes a house a home? Is it the people living there? Or the echoes of those who have lived there before you, seeped into the walls and never forgotten…

This work begins the moment the theatre doors are opened to reveal a cavernous space, with the bones of a house. Walk around and explore the installation before you take your seats and watch the lives of the inhabitants unfold in real time before your eyes.

So come on in, and enjoy the show...

Thursday 24 August 1pm & 7:30pm performances

Presented by LJ Projects Dance. Choreographed by award-winning, internationally acclaimed, Sunshine Coast creative, Melissa Lanham

Find more info and book tickets

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