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Two lonely booksellers find themselves standing on the edge of eternity hurtling towards the end of all things. Together in their isolation, they spend their days frantically unearthing and preserving the last remnants of the books that remain.

Bouncing between memory and reality, they repaint a picture of times gone by honouring the heartbreaking beauty and fragility of this lost world. It is how we may remain alive, protecting the stories and memories of humankind. Ultimately, we are lost if our collective remembering fades with our fleeting lives.

Labyrinth is a dance theatre show by Chloe Keating that transports the audience to a world of fragile and heartbreaking beauty.



Creative Team

  • Choreographer: Chloe Keating

  • Performers/Collaborators: Kerrod Box and Jacob Watton

  • Dramaturgy: Melissa Lanham


Homegrown is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in the region, and Sunshine Coast Council’s Arts & Heritage Levy.

Presented in partnership with LJ Projects, The Book Bucket, Maroochydore, Rosetta Books and Berkelouw Books.
Image: Travis Macfarlane
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