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Artist in Residency


In November 2018 in collaboration with The Events Centre, Creative Spaces-Sunshine Coast Council and LJ Projects, the first ‘Artist in Residency’ pilot program rolled-out. Funding was successfully secured through a Creative Development Grant with Sunshine Coast Council and auspiced through the Creative Alliance.

The aim of the pilot was to explore the establishment of an ongoing professional ‘Artist in Residency’ program for the purpose of providing support to local artists in the development and presentation of new dance/theatre work in the region. For this to be successful, the consistent use of a creative space with quality facilities was recognised as an integral component for the artists to utilize as a testing ground of new ideas, and which also builds on the cultural and creative capitol of the local region.

The Show

Antithesis is based on the scientific notion that the universe is made of energy. While energy waves can be measured and their effects seen, they are however, not a material reality. To make ‘visible’ these concepts, the artists delved into mathematics and science to explore how matter, energy, space and time interplay when opposing or harmonising forces are imposed on them. All three creative elements were integral to the success of this collaboration as the conversations that arose in the shared creative space were rich in content and productive in outcome. It was this collaborative synergy that shaped the evolution of Antithesis.




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